We connect and empower leaders to achieve peak performance.

Executive Leadership as a Service

We improve executive performance by providing CEOs, CXOs, Board Members and Executive Leaders with expert executive coaching, executive + advisor connections and global advisory services

Our Approach

We apply secure-base leadership principles and match you with curated expert executive coaches and advisors to take your leadership to the next level.

Our focus is on your business growth within the framework of people-centric leadership and aligned with your strategic needs. One leader, one team, one organization at a time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to strategically optimize critical components of your executive leadership and take your impact to new levels of performance. 

Increased executive leadership intelligence allows your organization to achieve peak performance, drive growth, and improve influence with key stakeholders.

Our Expertise

Our Ethos8 collective of executive coaches, advisors, and investors brings a wealth of global + cross-sector expertise, and executive experience to your team.

We work at the intersection of executive leadership + business strategy + growth advisory, always driven by a sustainability mindset both for the organization and the environment it operates in.

Executive Leadership as a Service

Ethos8 works with CEOs, Executive Teams, Boards and Investors on developing business, leadership, growth and globalization strategies and executing on them. We offer secure-base executive coaching, global connections and executive advisory services which are critical to your leadership development and your business growth.

We also provide experiential leadership + strategy experiences for executive leaders and teams by leveraging our extensive global network. We bring leaders from the private and public sector and entrepreneurial disruptors together to pave the path for transformational leadership.

Schedule a personal executive clarity + vision call and learn more about our executive coaching services.

Executive Connections

Connect to our extensive local and global network and let us personally select the expert or the expert team that is the best suited to your needs.

Executive Advisory

Schedule a consultation call to learn more about our portfolio of executive advisory services such as strategic positioning and strategic marketing.

What Executive Clients Say

Linda Loza, CMO

Working with Petra has truly been a gift. She has pushed me out of my mental comfort zone which has allowed me to achieve new levels of performance in my career ….

Jorge Titinger, former CEO

Petra has an impressive EQ, is deeply insightful in how she engages with people and can get to the bottom of things exceptionally quickly…

Mark Ruggles CEO

I especially like how Petra has been challenging me in my handling of difficult business and leadership  situations to arrive at a much higher level of response and direction.

Meet the Team

Petra Chequer

Philipp Mueller

Marcel Allweins

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